Visiting the atelier of Dóra Juhász we can appreciate the distinctiveness of her lyrical abstract paintings is the usage of patterns. These are entities splitting the mellow but unsettling sensuality of the background, repeated in an almost orderly mode. Mostly helical, oval forms created in a non-expressive style and non-expressionist manner search their places in the composition. They are not floating in the background, nor in front of it, instead, they are woven into it without being absorbed.
In the atelier of Dóra Juhász we can appreciate the artist’s poetic: The art I make now evolved from painting still lifes. Step by step I reached complete abstraction. After free improvisations of colour and composition, I felt a true need for harmony, order and symmetry, which led me back to the ’natural world’, but in a non-figurative way.
The oval shape represents a provenance, beholding potential, energy – in a sense it’s still in a simple state but a state of perfection – like a cell or a seed, compact. Yet the motif stays undefined – its an organic universal symbol. On its own or with others, the shape appears in a loose grid like pattern. The manner that the forms connect and separate from the background space, and how they are positioned in relation to one and other, is an important playful aspect of my paintings. Making order out of chaos. Although the gestural brush strokes split the form, they always keep their unity. Painted in a fluid way, open to mistakes, the unfolding shape in the monochrome field, is almost like a natural phenomenon manifesting. For me this emergence from the void, literally and in a figurative sense, is the supreme motive for creating my paintings. (Dóra Juhász)


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