Léna & Roselli Gallery is glad to host Dániel Tarcsi’s exhibition “Layers”. From 1 July 2021 at 17.00 to 8 August 2021.

Daniel Tarcsi was born in 1985, Budapest. He began to be interested in fine art at a young age. At first he worked with photography, but later committed to painting. In his early career, he received numerous professional accolades from his constituents and Mentors. At a young age, he was given an opportunity to introduce himself. His works are found in many private collections worldwide.

You can also follow the deep thought of your own early work, which is a unique form of the language. In later years, it developed a unique technical feature, which can be considered as a trademark, a set of color fields that are created from small intersecting strokes. It builds images of these fine elements and constructly works on each other. It is often parallels with the Impressionist and Pointilistic aspirants. Although it is constructed from separate color patches, its works are much more tied to the lyrical geometry. The theme is mostly from nature, pictures and experiences that you abstract in your own way. Workflow is complex. His creation is interpreted as a kind of meditation. The art of classical painting, which the artist himself is able to build in his paintings, is absolute. It is coupled with timelessness and coloritic work.

The paintings by Dániel Tarcsi are about a higher aesthetic of existence. In particular, they are about visual defaults based on the natural phenomena and observations of layers.

Take a look at Dániel Tacsi’s paintings: https://lenaroselligallery.com/project_category/daniel-tarcsi/ 

Learn more: https://welovebudapest.com/en/event/tarcsi-daniel-layers