Read Kamiar Maleki’s (Director at VOLTA Art Fairs) Monthly Report and follow him to Budapest!
Kamiar Maleki about Léna  Roselli Gallery:
The fabulous Léna & Roselli Gallery had an incredibly large booth showing Hungarian artists Mòzes Incze, Dàniel Tarcsi, Gàbor Nagy and Ròza El-Hassan painters and Boldi sculptor. They also collaborated with the Croatian artist Zoran Simunovic on a separate booth.
Kamiar Maleki also said:
Hungary is a magical country and Budapest, for me, is such an under-appreciated capital. It was great to be back in this beautiful city thanks to the great hospitality of Atilla Ledényi and his fabulous team at Art Market Budapest who were brave enough to host an in real life art fair with an online panel program in the midst of this pandemic.
For me it is always interesting to see how Fair Directors and owners handle the situation we are in and manage to sail through a fair operationally. I went together with my friend and art advisor Nicholas Campbell of Narcissus Arts, who visited Budapest for the first time.

The Hungarian art scene is fascinating. A great history of fabulous underrepresented art has recently been getting a lot of attention with large museums purchasing some of the older masters.  I am also interested in the very vibrant gallery scene with great galleries such as Erika Deák Galéria, Ani Molnár Gallery, acb gallery, INDA Gallery, Léna and Roselli Gallery and many more.

Art Market Budapest is held every year in an amazing building, Budapest’s convention center, and even though very locally attended had a great atmosphere on the opening night. You walk in to do a temperature check, and as it was a fairly local audience it did seem very socially distant. Except for a few of the major booths where a lot of people were huddling around.