VOLTA Basel 2021

Léna & Roselli Gallery at booth B2 and C3




Also this year the Léna & Roselli Gallery takes part in VOLTA Basel, one of the most important art fairs in Europe.

The event takes place from September 20th to 26th at the renovated venue of Elsässerstrasse 21, in the heart of Basel.

This year, 69 galleries from across five continents and 50 cities showcase compelling new projects and artists from over 40 nations.

Four artists in a two-booth presentation at VOLTA 2021

For this edition, Léna & Roselli Gallery stages a two-booth presentation with the Hungarian sculpture artist BOLDI and the Hungarian painter Mózes Incze about How Humans Relate to the World. For their second presentation Playful Nature the gallery brings together new works by the Italian sculpture artist Ivan Lardschneider and the Hungarian painter Dániel Tarcsi.

These artists are exhibited in pairs because, as Kamiar Maleki, the fair director, stated: “galleries like to have dialogues between their artists and their works”.

booth bs

From Surrealism to Cubism, from figurative art to abstraction

At booth B2, as you can read in Artnet Gallery Network: “Incze’s oil paintings combine Surrealist passages—floating limbs and De Chirico-esque architectural spaces—with impassioned abstract passages. Boldi’s marble sculptures, on the other hand, follow in an aesthetic of modernist sculpture that references Henry Moore and Cubist sculptors.”

                booth b2 booth b2

 At booth C3 you can both dive into the lyrical geometry of Dániel Tarcsi’s abstract paintings and enjoy the playful yet ruthless interpretation of modern humanity represented by Ivan Lardschneider’s sculptures. On one hand, nature undergoes a process of abstraction in Dániel Tarcsi’s works through a complex workflow, described as a kind of meditation. On the other hand, in Ivan Lardschneider’s works humanity is depicted with delicate irony, underlining the alienating effects of modern world.

booth c3      booth c3 booth b3

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