The introductory exhibition of the Léna & Roselli Gallery in the “Palme Ház” March 20-30, 2008


Palme Ház, 1 Olof Palme Pde, Budapest HU-1146

March 20, 2008 at 5 PM
Inaugural: István Hajdu art-crytic , editor

Singing: Zséda
„Horse act” – performance of Beáta Veszely and Márton Szmrecsányi

New Contemporary Programs
March 23, 2008 at 2 PM
Drawing competition for children, egg-painting

March 27, 2008. at 5 PM

March 30, 2008 at 5 PM

Closing concert: Szakcsi Lakatos Béla and Willy Lakatos Intersection Band
„Sentiments” fashion show of Beatrix Joó and Andor Kovács

Lena & Roselli Gallery presents well known artists’ works from England, Spain and the U.S. next to outstanding Hungarian artists’ works on the New Contemporary Exhibition. Painting, sculpture, installation, video, performance, graphics, photography: attendee’s group represents almost all sides of fine-art.
Dance show, literary show, concerts, moreover fashion show will improve the vision, showing the aim of Lena Ilona Orosz (the founder). Her aim is to estabilish a connection between the different artistic directions to show a much more complex experience. Lena & Roselli Gallery will début with a program that proves that the Hungarian art is part of the international artistic, and cultural trend. They would like to create a tradition of an annual exhibition serial which presents groups of artists. During the 10 days of the exhibition, the gallery’s artists will guide the visitors.
The 10 day long exhibition shown in Budapest is going to be moved to New York in June. Later in November Lena & Roselli Gallery will open in Valencia, Spain with this valuable international composition.

András Bernát (H), Imre Bukta (H), Eszter Csurka (H), Róza El-Hassan (H), János Fodor (H), Dumas Marlene (NL),
Endre Gaál (H), Zsigmond Károlyi (H), Andor Kovács (H), Lola Kovács (H), Queralt Lencinas (ES), Billy Name (US), István Nádler (H), Diana Kingsley (US), Marcel Robert (H), Miklós Németh (H), Jordi Pallarés (ES),
Tamás Szikora (H), Beáta Veszely (H), Ferenc Veszely (H), David Wilkinson UK).

Olöf Björnsdottir (Iceland), Roderick Buchanan (UK), Douglas Gordon (UK-US), Steve Klee (UK),
Ruth Maclennan (UK), Johannes Maier (D-UK)

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