“Ab ovo” solo exhibition of Dóra Juhász

From 9th September to 22nd October 

in the Léna & Roselli Gallery.

dóra juhász purple

The living-lively world of Dóra Juhász

“The form created from open and wide brushstrokes, the complex world of colors, the light crashing into the picture create the living-lively picturesque world of Dóra Juhász” says art historian and professor emeritus Katalin Keserű.

The starting point of Dóra Juhász’ paintings  is still life, which undergoes a process of abstraction. Order, harmony, and symmetry are the keywords of this process.

The result is the repetition of an oval “pattern”. It represents a primal state, a pure, extemporaneous existence, full of energy and potential. Like eggs, these motifs contain within them something that we do not yet know and cannot see. This is why we should not be looking for references to concrete reality: the image belongs to the infinite.

During the creation process the artist intuitively chooses the dimensions and the colours. It is an instinctive action with a strong gestural and plastic component.

dark blue dóra juhász

“It is very good to enter a space consisting of Dóra Juhász’ paintings”

The connection, or the separation, from the background and the way the motifs relate to each other are important elements of these paintings.

As Katalin Keserű stated “It is very good to enter a space consisting of Dóra Juhász’ paintings. We see alive, working images, and they don’t seem like this only to the viewer, but also in terms of their relationship to each other. That’s why it’s not a problem if they’re shown here “densely”.

No Title (Pink), Dóra Juhász

We hope to see you soon at the exhibition!