Preparing for VOLTA Basel 2021 with artwork by artist;
Mózes INCZE : Reminis

(2021, oil on canvas, 110 x 130 cm)

We are glad to announce that the Gallery will participate at VOLTA Basel Show booth B2
20 – 26 September / Basel, Switzerland

VOLTA Art Fair fosters galleries in staging ambitious solo and group presentations, refining the experience to its essential elements: the artists and their work.

Léna Roselli Gallery (Budapest) stages a two-booth presentation with sculpture artist BOLDI and painter Mózes Incze about How Humans Relate to the World.

BOLDI : “Female figures in different body positions and sometimes with a symbolic device carry the possibility of the promise of life, indirectly the custodians of birth and fertility. In the design of a specific work, it is simple, easily recognizable to everyone, yet it has a symbolic value, attracting further possibilities of association in the viewer. Often ancient and mythical sources of inspiration or other branches of art, inspiration from movement or music, followed by combing, bathing, playing an instrument, figures are born.”

Incze Mózes: “Morphosys”

In the beginning there was the Word… and here I am now, having a complex, mostly incomprehensible existence around me, sheltering the fragments of knowledge I have. The endless time and space hide uncountable questions, finding an answer rises even more issues- all this seems to be beyond human categories. In the beginning there was the Image… and since mankind lost innocence, only tiny fragments of it can be seen from a point of view. The visual noise covers the original reality, and I doubt what I do not see.

There is a chance: looking at a subject for a longer time, the essence can be selected: unchanged spots discovered on it will guide me trough. To avoid oblivion, I make signs on a canvas, traces of brushwork form the map for feelings, thoughts, perceptions. I quit the demand of perfection, being satisfied with approaching the right forms for the meanings found in the relations between the understood details.

In the beginning, there were the Possibilities… and one of them let me think and paint about all this. It is not an unclouded contemplation, I am trapped: I can observe only one thing at the same time, beeng not so sure about the areas not included in my focus. So, I paint incomplete images, islands of reasonable relations float in an unreliable space. I could be frightened by the obscureness. I should be filled by the joy of experience.”