VOLTA New York in March 2018 Léna & Roselli Gallery will participate at VOLTA New York international contemporary art fair representing Mózes INCZE artist From 7-11 March, pier 90, New York https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewAnP37UhS8 About the art of Mózes Incze The art of Incze Mózes (born 1975) is about the experience of the European painting tradition in our time, the pictorial self-identification of the man present in the 21st century. It appeals to the technological dimension that ever so pervades and expands the biological-spiritual existence, as the new space of the human being. Bringing everyday objects to a cognitive system brings about new correspondences and gives way to the imagination and the personal approach, balancing between gestures that reminisce about meticulous details and creative chaos. The evocation of the form and the relations of the theme’s narrative resulted in a special point of view, which gives us the joy of gaining insight to the world, ranging from the personal to the general. Graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2000, he is a regular participant of the Hungarian and international fine art scene, from intimate solo exhibitions to the openness of international art expos. From the vicinity of Gödöllő, his art got as far as New York and Beijing, residing in private collections and museums alike, providing an ever-expanding landscape for his painting. He founded the still-existing Élesd Art Colony with his colleagues in 1997, which is a diverse and quality contribution to the fine arts in Hungary. He exhibits with Léna & Roselli Gallery in Budapest. https://www.artsy.net/show/lena-and-roselli-gallery-lena-and-roselli-gallery-at-volta-ny-2018

More photos: https://lenaroselligallery.com/project/volta-new-york-2018/