Léna & Roselli Gallery is glad to host Krisztián Sándor’s solo show “10 Collages”.

About 10 collages: the artist’s words: 

My paintings of contemporary life blur the boundaries of figuration and abstraction. My works  are influenced by a serious of engagement with art history that ranges from Art brtut to Pop art, and is most notable for their reconsideration of the golden era of 20th century American painting, drawing comparison to artists such as Philip Guston, Jakson Pollock, and Jean Michael  Basquiat. In additons to the paintings Im working on  sketches and collages. I prefer clear, distinct colors inspired from the  fouves, Matisse,  cartoons and Walt disney movies. Translating the three dimensional world to the flatness of the picture plane with concentrated faithfulness. My works negotiate an uneasy truce among the abstract, the representational, the naive and the just plain weird. It’s representational, but by experimenting with shapes, colors and forms, I’m approaching it in an abstract way. My topics are mainly ethnic issues , such as meeting of cultures  or  racism. I like if  my works are misleading or provocative. There is a opposition between the themes and presentation. I never  make plans. I have a desire to be as sponteanous as possible and I often react against myself and force myself to make a sharp u-turn. It fascinates me to destroy my paintings and easily eliminate whole series, to later repaint, cut apart and rebuild again.  I have an aggressive work ethic, painting in the studio seven days a week.  I am working  mostly on urban cityscape with many people, i love masses such as demonstrations or crowded futball stadions. My topics are mainly ethnic issues , such as meeting of cultures  or  racism. I like if  my works are misleading or provocative, and there is an opposition between the themes and presentation.  In my recent painting im dealt with futball fanatics who built the pictures in a nonfigurative way. My last painting, the PEGIDA demonstration is the pioneer of the following  works, which would involve more politics. My view is  always transcended  where the paintings are not judging , there is no highlight,  every details has equal importance.”- Krisztián Sándor

Learn more: https://cseppek.hu/rendezveny/6145sandor-krisztian-10-kollazs

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