Kim Corbisier

1985-2012, Belgium

Kim Corbisier was born in Belgium in 1985, lived in Nagyvenyim as a teenager and studied in Dunaújváros. He graduated from the Painting Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2010, his master was András Halász. He had a dynamic start: he participated in several group and solo exhibitions, in Moscow, Kiev and Marseille outside Budapest, in 2008 he won the Fundamenta-Amadeus Creative Scholarship, in 2010 the KOGART FRESH 2010 special prize, and in 2011 the Middle East One of Europe’s most prestigious art recognitions, the STRABAG Painting Award. Her career as an actress was also significant. We saw it in a memorable episode role in Attila Herczeg’s etude Happy Everyone, and in 2009 he starred in György Pálfi’s improvisational film, I’m Not Your Friend. He himself experimented with motion pictures, and one of his films is a black-and-white, soundless video made on the hospital bed of his dying grandmother. In the strictest sense of the word, he was a successful artist who, with his fragile build, natural charm, and purposeful determination, stole himself into everyone’s hearts for the first time. Behind the captivating character, however, lay a personality who carried traumas and could not process them. The difficult-to-manage, tragic family past, identity crises, psychic-based illnesses, drugs and medications haunted him in the last days of his life. He died in April 2012 under unclear circumstances, and his oeuvre is still awaiting processing.

La maman dispaure
oil, canvas, coal
110 x 141 cm

oil on canvas
140 x 120 cm

manipulated photo
60 x 42 cm