Katalin Mózes

Felsőgöd, Hungary – 1951


1967-72 Ferenczy István Fine Artists Circle, Budapest

Professional association membership

1976-87 Studio of Young Artists
1994-96 Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists
Since 1996 the Society of Hungarian Painters
Since 1999, the National Association of Hungarian Artists

Solo exhibitions

1976 E-Gallery, Budapest University of Technology, Budapest
1980 Hotel Thermal Margaret Island, Budapest (with Antall Turcsányi)
1985 Club of Young Artists, Budapest
1989 Óbuda Cellar Gallery, Budapest
1993 Horváth & Lukács Gallery, Nagycenk (with Antall Turcsányi)
1994 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest (with Miklós Ganczaugh and Albert Kováts)
1995 Pannónia Hotel National, Budapest
1998 Merlin Gallery, Budapest
2000 Ecological College Art Gallery, Budapest
2001 Sonja Pintér Contemporary Gallery, Budapest
2003 AstraZeneca, Törökbálint
2004 Sonja Pintér Contemporary Gallery, Budapest (with Antall Turcsányi)
2004 Hungarian State Opera House, Budapest (with Antall Turcsányi)
2005 Pulchri Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands (with Miklós Ganczaugh, Albert Kováts and Antal Turcsányi)
2005 Open Workshop Gallery, Budapest
2006 BRIDGE Transdanubia Visual Workshop, Nagykanizsa
2006 Arnolfini Archive, Szigetszentmiklós
2006 Budapest Gallery Exhibition House, Budapest
2007 AulichArt Gallery, Budapest (with Judit Makó and Mónai Rajnai)
2007 Hungarian Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy (with works by Ida Kohner and Lili Ország, Alessandra Giovanni)
2008 “Living Memory”, Holocaust Documentation Center, Budapest
2009 Arnolfini Archive, Szigetszentmiklós
2011 “Coffee without sugar”, Klauzál13 Gallery, Budapest
2014 „Trio”, Ferencváros Local History Collection, Budapest (with Diana Sophrin and Albert Kovács)
2015 „Black pictures”, Artézi Gallery, Budapest (with Albert Kováts)
2015 „Studio on the floor”, Gyula Nagy Gallery, Alsóörs
2016 “Passing Time”, Israeli Cultural Institute, Budapest
2018 Piano Art Café, Budapest

2021 “Personal” Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest 


oil, collage, canvas

24 x 18 cm


Grey Girl

oil on canvas

24 x 18 cm



oil, collage, canvas

70 x 50 cm