Gyula Pauer

1941-2012, Budapest, Hungary


1993: Munkácsy Award

From 1993 regular member of the Széchenyi Academy of Letters and Arts

1993-2001: Chairman of the Szinyei Merse Society

1994: Vice President of the Hungarian Sculptors Society

1996-2000: the Satantango-film visualization

1994-2002: the Theatre and Film Academy professor

1999: Global conceptualized 1950s-1980s, Queens Museum of Art, New Yorker

1999: Film Festival main prize: Glamour 

2002: production designer on the film,Bridgeman

2005: Kossuth Prize

16 April 2005 .: Shoes on the Danube River National Holocaust Memorial Inauguration

2005 júl.15-aug.28 .: PAUER retrospective, Kunsthalle, Budapest

2006: Exhibition at the National Gallery and the Warsaw Institute of Hungary

2008: Solo exhibition at the Gallery Source and Symbol

2008.ELTE: Gólyavári Panel

2008.Chemnitz “TWO IN ONE” Overnight action Chemnitz

2008 Berlin, Collegium Hungaricum: “pseudo IN BERLIN”

2009 Magic minimum, Source Gallery

2009 Germany, Stuttgart, Kunstverein. Conceptual International Exhibition

Icon 2009, Szentendre, Lena and Roselli Gallery 

wood, canvas, acrylic, varnish
15 × 15 x 15 cm