Gábor Pintér

  (Budapest, 1983)
He lives and works in Budapest.

Gábor Pintér also creates paintings, paper works and installations made using the traditional oil-on-canvas technique. His paintings are pictures of life that process strange situations and primarily reflect a critical view of the consumer society of our time. Vivid colors, powerful gestures and thick brush strokes characterize his expressive canvases, which at the same time record both real and hypothetical scenes, often conveying a realistic and surreal effect at the same time. However, Pintér does not try to mislead by painting pictorial puzzles that require solving through the surrealistic juxtaposition of everyday things. With these paintings, he would rather point out a specific phenomenon of thinking, the process when things come to mind arbitrarily and involuntarily without any kind of context or larger narrative, when one image leads to another without any apparent connection.

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