Léna & Roselli Gallery will participate at FRAME Basel Art Fair 2018

Save the date for Frame Basel Art Fair 2018: between 10 and 18 June 2018 at Basel Art Center, booth C5.

Represented artists: Mózes Incze, Naoki Fuku

FRAME Basel Art Fair

FRAME, with a highly-curated group of dedicated exhibitors and their emerging and established artists, unites the historic and traditional aspects of the art dealers’ profession with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to the business. FRAME is a collective art space where tradition is mixed with modernity for the benefit of the dealer and artist alike, and for the benefit of our patrons, the collectors who sustain and support us.​ At its core, Frame is an art fair of its own. Within easy walking distance to the Marquee Fairs in Basel, Frame caters to collectors who wish to view, contemplate, study, and acquire works of art in an environment which provides respite.​ Frame creates a complementary experience for collectors, and represents a new model for affiliated galleries that produce artistic and commercial success in the continually evolving world of the international art trade.

Basel is generally known as the culture capital of Switzerland. And not without reason: art can be seen wherever you go, whether strolling through the beautiful Old Town or when visiting one of the almost 40 museums. With their themed collections, the museums have something for every taste and many have reputations that stretch far beyond the Swiss border. On top of that, there are countless galleries scattered throughout the city. And that’s not all: the many top-class events that take place here throughout the year strengthen Basel’s reputation as a cultural hotspot. The city also has a lively theatre and music scene.

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