Léna & Roselli Gallery is glad to take part to Art Moscow 2009.

13 International Art Fair ART MOSCOW will be open for visitors from September 23 till September 27, 2009, at the Central House of Artists.

ART MOSCOW is one of the most effective market institutions of contemporary art in Russia. Annually it gathers national and international experts and connoisseurs of actual art at the Central House of Artists. ART MOSCOW is a unique ground for exposing and purchasing the works of contemporary art classics and the works of the most successful world-famous artists. Traditionally the Fair presents a wide expositional and educational program, thus enabling to fulfill commercial and cultural ideas.

Organizers and Expert Council of the International Art Fair ART MOSCOW, traditionally assembled in May in Russian capital, made a decision to change the date of the event and to put it off till September, concurrently with the Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Two key events of Russian contemporary art will consolidate efforts in presenting their best specimens to the public.

In 2009 expert council, true to the strict selection rules, accepted 40 applications of the galleries from 13 countries (42% of the participants are foreign galleries) (Austria, England, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Cuba, Latvia, Russia, Serbia, the Ukraine, Finland, France and Czech), 23 participants from Russia and 17 participants – international galleries. Art Books Section presents publishers, specializing on art, design and architecture.

Members of the Expert Council are the leading Russian and Western gallerists, theorists and historians of art: Aidan Salakhova (Aidan Gallery, Moscow), Yelena Selina (XL-gallery, Moscow), Marat Gelman (Gallery М.& Yu. Gelman, Moscowа), Hans Knoll (Knoll Galleries, Vienna-Budapest), Volker Diehl (Diehl + Gallery One (Berlin – Moscow).

ART MOSCOW 2009. Participants:
Acacia Gallery (Havana, Cuba), Albert Benamou Gallery (Paris, France), Caprice Horn Gallery (Berlin, Germany), Diehl + Gallery One (Berlin Germany – Moscow, Russia), Forsblom Gallery (Helsinki, Finland), GMG Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Ernst Hilger Gallery (Vienna, Austria), Impronte Gallery (Milano, Italy), Iragui Gallery (Paris, France – Moscow, Russia), Jiri Svestka Gallery (Prague, Czech), Knoll Galleries Vienna-Budapest (Vienna, Austria – Budapest, Hungary), Partner Project Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Photographer Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Pop/off/art Галерея (Moscow, Russia), RAM RadioArteMobile Gallery (Rome, Italy), Ravenscourt Gallery (London, England), Riga Gallery (Riga, Latvia), Lena & Roselli (Budapest, Hungary), RuArts Gallery (Moscow, Russia), VP Studio (Moscow, Russia), XL Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Zvono Gallery (Belgrade, Serbia), Aidan Gallery (Moscow, Russia), ART+ART Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Vostochnaya Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Gallery Atelier No2 (Moscow, Russia), Gallery Collection (Kiev, the Ukraine), Yelena Vroublevskaya Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Glaz Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Е.К.ArtBureau (Moscow, Russia), Krokin Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Gallery М.&Yu. Gelman (Moscow, Russia), Marina Gisich Gallery (Moscow, Russia), М’АRS (Moscow, Russia), Pervaya Gallery (Makhachkala, Russia), Gallery Roza Azora (Moscow, Russia), Triumph Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Fine Art Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Tzekh (Workshop) Gallery (Kiev, the Ukraine), Yakut Gallery (Moscow, Russia).

Read about the outcome of the event in Hungarian: https://www.napi.hu/mutargy/a-vamhivatalokon-is-mulott-az-art-moscow-kinalata.422246.html