Léna & Roselli Gallery is glat to announce “Ancient Circle” exhibition, Ferenc Veszely’s first exhibition at the gallery.

About Ferenc Veszely

Ferenc Veszely was a Hungarian artist born in 1945. He graduated from the Hungarian College of Fine Arts in 1968, where his masters were Jenő Barcsay, György Kádár and György Konecsni. He went on study trips to Berlin, Cairo and London. He is a founding member of the Makó Graphic Workshop. Between 1986 and 1993, he was the artistic director of the Budavár Creative Community. For thirteen years he was a lecturer in drawing at the Hungarian College of Applied Arts, and the head of the preparatory course. He traveled the world for three decades as a graphic designer at Hungexpo, while he was the stage designer for the Merry Stage for twelve years. His works of pop art occupy a significant place among his constantly experimental and renewable style paintings. He makes montages, collages, cinema and theater poster designs, installations, applied graphic works, oil paintings. A popular motif in recent years is grapes. In his paintings, the grapes, turning almost spherical, symbolize wholeness, associated with their vivid, powerful colors, sometimes with subtle humor, have a suggestive effect on the viewer. He founded the Ó-Gallery in his manor house in Dörgicse, where he provides an opportunity for many artists to introduce themselves.

Learn more: https://artportal.hu/lexikon-muvesz/veszely-ferenc-1130/ 

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